Next Album Underway

Song writing has begun in earnest for the next delicious collection of compositions from the Walker! music factory. 

Fortunately, I haven't suffered too much ‘writer’s block’ since commencing work on the next album. I’ve persevered with songwriting for decades,and I find it much easier to construct songs these days.

I’m creating chord progressions and instrumental solos much more readily than i have in previous years. However, as always, the lyrical content of my songs can sometimes take years to complete.


Walker! Album Completed

After months of hard work and a fair bit of blood sweat and tears, the mixes have been completed and the masters are finally in my hands..

I felt both excitement and relief the day we finished at the studio. It took years to write this album, and so finally completing the process has provided me with a great deal of satisfaction. 

I wrote this album with great care and I trust this will be conveyed to my listening audience. I'm so happy to be able to finally share these songs with you. I really hope you enjoy them.

In Production

I remember walking into Hive Studios for the first time.. it’s not the type of studio you’d see in an AC/DC music video - it’s too cosy for that! More importantly, It has a functionality and vibe that's very conducive to the creative process. 

I've been collaborating with musical heavy-weights Billy James, Steve Berry and Mal Webb to bring some extras style and flavour to the upcoming Walker! album.

On the Bluegrass song, To Live This Life Again, Steve has brought a sound quality that I couldn't have envisioned myself. I definitely had one of the most enjoyable years of my life recording the walker! album at Hive Studios.


"An incredibly listenable compilation of songs."


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