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Feel You Getting Closer ~ 'Light The Candles, Lock Hands and Gently Sway'

Updated: Nov 11

Light the candles, lock hands and get ready to gently sway to the sweet sounds of the beautiful piano-driven love song that is Feel You Getting Closer. Walker ventures well and truly into rock pop balladry territory here offering more diversity with his bag of tricks. The song crescendos with the increasing use of percussion as the song progresses and, yet again, those pitch perfect harmonies offer an ethereal polish that complements the entire package. This is the song that truly makes you realise Walker! is more than a country rock crowd-pleaser in a country pub – for this is a stadium-sized beautiful ballad with heart-tugging lyrics that even Harry Styles would be proud to own.

I was driving in the country one afternoon when the melody of this song came into my head. I pulled the car over & hummed the tune into the audio recorder in my phone. When i arrived home I played the recording & worked out the chord progression via my acoustic guitar.
I soon realised that this song was evolving into a piano-based love ballad so we recorded it using piano as the main instrument. The music video for this song was filmed during a very fortunate break in the weather at the township of Bangalow, NSW, Australia, Special thanks to my on-screen partner Ms Vanessa Baltz! ~ Walker


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