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Still Living it all Night Long ~ 'An Anthem for Party Animals!'

Updated: Sep 15

If you thought you could pigeon-hole Walker, think again, as he unearths something darker and harder both lyrically and musically in the rollicking Still Living It All Night Long. This one heaves with grunt and snarl as the distortion is cranked up to 11. Guitar riffs get a little angrier and dirtier than usual while tight back-up vocals and harmonies fatten up what is a riveting sound that refuses to leave you. Walker lets it be known there’s no slowing down for this energetic rocker as he let’s rip: “Still Livin’ it all night long… still gotta check my head”. With a lead guitar solo channelling AC/DC, Walker describes this one as being “an anthem for party animals”. Musically, it’s an addictive hard rock number with an Aussie pub rock vibe at its heart driving home a theme of lifelong addiction to staying up late and “living it all night long”.

"I’ve always been fascinated by the sound, and global popularity of AC/DC. This song is loosely based on the classic AC/DC sound. For the clip we approached the caretaker of a local airfield. He allowed us to film the video in a light aircraft hangar. The 1954 Cessna & 2002 Fisher Classic were a fine backdrop for the ‘Joan Jett’ theme. There was plenty of fiery feminine energy in the air that night! Special thanks to my band; Ria, Adaja, Magdalena and Kali plus Tone and the crew for this fantastic clip." ~ Walker

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