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Shooting Star ~ 'A Love Ballard Laid Bare'

Updated: Sep 15

When you’re a singer with a sweet, honey-soaked raspy vocal, there’s always going to be comparisons drawn to famous singers of our time who are in the same mould. In slowing things down for this melodic love ballad, Rod Stewart comes to mind immediately. Shooting Star is almost haunting in its delivery and Walker’s beautiful vocals are laid bare with honesty and a vulnerability like never before. It’s a beautiful love song about a couple’s love being likened to a 'shooting star' in the night sky. Check out some incredible harmonies that really take this one to the moon and back.

"Sir Elton John once said that love ballads are the songs that most resonate and remain in people’s hearts and minds. I’ve always revered these words and often refer to them when I start to write a song. We chose an Australian bush setting for the video shoot to give the clip a romantic ambience." ~ Walker


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