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Found a Way To My Heart Video Shoot

Updated: 5 days ago

This song took a lot less time to write than most of my other songs!

I didn't really have any particular theme or subject for this song but it just 'flowed out of me' in a couple of hours, and when i stopped writing i realised that the song makes sense & the words all rhyme so there was little requirement for new drafts or amendments.

I'm really proud of the anthemic, uplifting feel of this song and its wonderfully catchy chorus.

We had planned to shoot the video for this one at a carefully selected outdoor Australian bush setting, however the inclement weather on the day of the filming forced us to shoot indoors at a convention centre located nearby. The music video turned out much better than I'd expected considering the late change of venue.

Thanks to my on screen band! A great day all round.

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